ML RAPPER GIGGS SON collaborates with BANDO BABY for his album it’s clobbering time

ML RAPPER GIGGS SON collaborates with BANDO BABY for his album it’s clobbering time

ML chose to collaborate with bando baby for his new album, "IT'S CLOBBERIN TIME.". We believe ML RAPS and Bando Baby are a perfect match. Wanna know why? This blog post is for you. 

Who is ML RAPS?

ML RAPS is a young rap music sensation, around 22 years old. His story is all about passion and perseverance. Starting from a very young age and continuously improving his music skills, he is now a rapper who can cause goosebumps. He is the son of the famous rapper and songwriter, Giggs. Inspired by his father, he says he would have become a rapper anyway because he is passionate about it. ML Rap’s story inspires you to chase your dreams without any fear, showing that you don’t need to worry about what others say. You can prove them wrong with your unique talent.

Why is it a Perfect Match?

The passion, dedication, and hard work of ML RAPS are what Bando Baby is truly all about. We can relate to all of that because that's how we made Bando Baby great. Bando Baby is on a mission to help people embrace their hustles and achieve whatever they want in life. Through fashion, we aim to inspire people to believe that their dreams should not have any boundaries. So, ML RAPS and Bando Baby are a perfect match because both have a similar story and inspire the same thing.

What Does the Design Symbolize?

Bando Baby’s design that ML RAPS is wearing in his music videos has a unique and captivating design inspired by the comic character "The Thing." The character has superhuman strength and a rock-like appearance. "It's clobberin’ time" designs can channel your inner fashion star and music lover. It's a powerful slogan that gives a confidence and self-esteem boost. Whenever you face hardships, just wear the sweatshirt, say "It's clobberin’ time," and punch the problems in the face so that they may never come back. The design also includes ML Rap’s standing design. So it is a great way to express your love for your favorite rapper and feel a sense of community with your fellow rap lovers. 

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Why You Should Join the party?

This collaboration is just an example of Bando Baby’s unique fashion sense. The brand allows you to keep your style trend and unique. Though the “It's clobberin’ time” design was a limited stock offer, you can easily find other (more attractive) alternatives that are inspired by the same style at the Banda Baby store. If you explore the shop, you will find a range of items that are loved and appreciated by different celebrities. So hurry up! Make sure you don’t miss the stock this time.

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