All music fans love to rock the outfits of their favorite singers, and singers also love to try new and funky apparel so that their fans can have more opportunities. They pick and choose wisely to reflect their brand image and the taste of their audience. One such singer, who is gaining popularity and fame very quickly, has just approved of Bando Baby’s fashion sense by rocking one of its sweatshirts. Lewis Fitzgerald, a viral singer and a famous songwriter, embraced the “It was all a dream” sweatshirt by Bando Baby. So let’s talk about why this unique design clicked with Lewis, why we designed it, how it reflects the essence of our collaboration, and why you should rock it.

It Was All A Dream

When someone wears a sweatshirt with the “It was all a dream” text, it gives a message to others that he or she also started just with a dream. It means that he has not reached there by mere coincidence; it was all a dream that he believed in, worked hard for, and ultimately achieved in the end. So if you have nothing but a dream that you strongly believe in, you can achieve it, like I did.

Why We Designed It?

We truly believe in the message behind the “It was all a dream” text on the sweatshirt because Bando Baby itself was just a dream. It became true with our dedication to perseverance and resilience and overcoming adversity with a positive attitude. Our founder converted his dream into a reality by sticking to his mission and believing in his cause to inspire people and bring confidence, hope, style, and a sense of community for everyone. We only collaborate with someone who believes in the same idea or has a similar story. Lewis Fitzgerald is one of them.

Why did Lewis Embrace This Idea?

What makes Bando Baby and Lewis perfect collaborators is the similarity in our stories. For Lewis also, it was just a dream to become a super-famous singer, and he had to start from scratch. He used to work temporary jobs but kept following his passion and polishing his talent. Hard work pays off. One day, his singing video went viral, and he instantly became famous. But that was not the end, but just the beginning. Since then, Lewis worked on perfecting his singing and learning from the greats. So again, it was all a dream for Lewis which turned out to be a big success, but only after his hard work.

Why Should You Rock an “It Was All a Dream” Apparel?

The “It was all a dream” design is not just for the most successful people who have achieved a lot in their lives. Even if you are just starting your journey to achieve something big, you can wear this shirt. It will remind you of the things that you have already achieved, that were all a dream. It will boost your confidence and strengthen your belief that you can do it once again.


it was all a dream shirt

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