Kaya Fyah: Gracing our clothing brand with her impeccable style

Kaya Fyah: Gracing our clothing brand with her impeccable style

Welcome to the vibrant world of Bando Baby, where fashion meets passion! We are beyond thrilled to announce that the incredibly talented Kaya Fyah, hailing from North London's Enfield, has graced our clothing brand with her impeccable style. Renowned for her captivating performances at renowned festivals like Outlook, Love Saves the Day, Boomtown, and Printworks, Kaya Fyah has become an integral part of the illustrious Congo Natty family.

While she is mostly celebrated for her involvement in the jungle scene, Kaya Fyah's musical journey transcends genre boundaries, drawing inspiration from rock and indie music. Her powerful lyrics tell a captivating story, which can be experienced in her first releases under her original name, Toni-Kaya, with tracks like "Jungle Woman" and "Don't Let It Go." Now, reclaiming her stage name, Kaya Fyah is ready to ignite the world with her exceptional talent and undeniable passion.


At Bando Baby, we are proud to have Kaya Fyah as a supporter of our brand, showcasing our clothing with her unique flair and unmatched style. In turn, we wholeheartedly support her in her artistic endeavors. Together, we aim to bring the FYAH to the world, creating a fusion of fashion and music that resonates with the free-spirited souls who dare to embrace their individuality.

Join us on this exhilarating journey as we continue to curate innovative designs and trendy styles that embody the spirit of Kaya Fyah and all fashion enthusiasts alike. Together, let's set the fashion world ablaze with our collective passion and creativity.