Bolton entrepreneur takes 'bando baby' clothing worldwide - bando baby world®

Bolton entrepreneur takes ‘Bando baby’ clothing line worldwide

Original article by Joe Harrigan – The Bolton News

A YOUNG Bolton entrepreneur has launched a clothing brand that he hopes will prove to be a global hit with an inspiring message.

Bolton entrepreneur takes 'bando baby' clothing worldwide - bando baby world®

Panah, 26, says that after starting up the website for his Bando Baby range last summer, he has already received more than 200 orders in just five months.

Many of these orders have been international, going as far afield as Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Australia and Bermuda, while famous clients have included rappers Sneakbo and Giggs.

Bolton entrepreneur takes 'bando baby' clothing worldwide - bando baby world®
<em>Above A Map of Bando Baby Global Orders<em>

Panah said: “I made a custom jacket for Giggs, which is a massive thing for me as I grew up listening to his music.

“As soon as he followed me and gave me his address I knew I had to do something special for him “The brand is rapidly increasing all around the UK and is soon to be a global hit.”

The young Bolton designer was able to start the business after building up a platform selling name brand trainers and clothing.

He explained that he aims to get an important lesson across to customers using the Bando Baby brand, with “bando” referring to an impoverished area that the baby represents an escape from.

Panah said: “The main logo consists of a cool fun-looking baby sat on top of the world, with toy blocks spelling out Bandobaby not glamorising the bando, but glamorising the fact of making it out of the bando to a better life to give the youth hope that there is a better way of life out there.

“I’m an unofficial advocate for mental health, PTSD and anxiety as I suffer greatly with them and sometimes quote in my clothing designs such as the hardest prison to escape is your mind which features the Bandobaby locked inside a prison cell, which is located in the brain.

“The brand Bando Baby does sound thuggish but in reality its mission is the complete opposite.

“Bando Baby shows supporters that there is a chance to make something of yourself even if you are from an impoverished area like myself and really come from the bottom.”

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